An App That Let's You Manage a Budget That You Set For Yourself

Another app idea? yeah it's just brainstorming right now for me and my group, and I'm pretty sure this app won't ever come to life but I still have to make this for a projet, but anyways the app idea that me and my group has thought of is an app that lets you set a budget on how much you want to spent that week or month so you can track how much money you've spent and how much money you can spend that week or month depending on what you set your goal to be

Our app will be useful to create a budget for you. You will be able to see updates on differnet kinds of stores when you pass by, or you can manage it at home. You will be able to see different types of offers that the store that you will be going to may have and is best for your interest, it will even send you coupons! It will also show you what items may be on sale. You see our app will make budgeting a lot easier than before!

This is probably a copy from somewhere in the internet(what isn't) and this app like I've mentioned before won't come to life because me and my team don't know how to create one

This app is just to help people set a limit for themselves so they don't go over budget and then fall in debt and dig themselves in a hole they can't climb out of

Here is a list of really expensive(and possibly usless)stuff